Sunday, May 10, 2009

Prescene 16 - Anwar’s photo op with P.Uthayakumar is imminent

I have to rush to do this posting before the actual event happens.

Yesterday, 9 May 2009, the Malaysian government released the Hindraf’s three from ISA detention. That includes P.Uthayakumar, who said that he will not thank the government for releasing him. Never mind that, the Hindrafs are all a bunch of thankless people anyway. They may not even thank DAP nor PKR for their release.

BarkingMagpie’s posting h e r e is quite relevant.

Let’s see the similarity of Brader Anwar Bin Ibrahim and Uthayakumar photos again.

Both of them strike similar campaign to discredit the government’s treatment during their detention. Brader Anwar Bin Ibrahim was supposedly at the brink of being paralyse waist-down. (Note: Anwar has fully recovered – I saw him dancing on stage during Khalid Ibrahim’s Ijok campaign). Uthayakumar was supposedly actually dying from ill-health.

Brader Anwar Bin Ibrahim must be desperate to meet P.Uthayakumar soon after the latter’s release from Kamunting. Foreign journalists will be summoned to cover the story. There must be a press statement from Brader Anwar Bin Ibrahim, taking credit for the ISA detainees’ release. There will be a photo of them together.

After all, the Hindrafs do adore Brader Anwar Bin Ibrahim. They have a lot of say in PKR’s logo motives too.
Brader Anwar Bin Ibrahim would have loved to invite Uthayakumar to join PKR. If Uthayakumar form a new party, it will be a vote of no confidence on PKR. Otherwise, some of Hindraf's members in PKR will join Uthayakumar to form the new party.
(Question: Will elected assemblymen or MPs who is also a PKR member be deemed to have automatically resigned from their post in the event that he joined Uthayakumar in the Hindraf Party?)

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