Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Prescene 10 - Nizar will never again be the MB of Perak

Jurublog thinks that the Sultan Azlan Shah of Perak has a very strong reason to be very angry with the ongoing in his state.

It all started with Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim claiming victory in securing another state seat for PKR in the form of Bota assemblyman.

It was a short-lived ecstasy, as it was rumoured that the Bota assemblyman’s ship jumping was actually part of Najib’s grand ploy to takeover Perak’s state government. Indeed, a few days after the Bota assemblyman’s supposed ship jumping, three other Pakatan Rakyat’s state assemblypersons (including Hee, from DAP) announced that they were quitting PR and declared themselves as independents, but were in support of Barisan Nasional.

Najib, as the Perak BN chief then declared that BN has the majority in Perak State Assembly to form the state government. On the other hand, Nizar, the incumbent MB (and a puppet to DAP), went to seek the Sultan’s consent to dissolve the state assembly. Nizar also claimed that the three PR assemblypersons who jumped ship had signed a quit letters, and that the State Assembly Speaker had quickly consented and declared the three seats as vacant.

The Sultan, being a learnt person, decided not to dissolve the state assembly but instead consented for the new BN government to be formed. That was his prerogative. He may have been pissed off with the DAP-led state government under their puppet Nizar. He may not want another state-wide election, taking into account the fact that DAP may widen their hold in state assembly under current negative sentiments towards the Barisan Nasional. Sultan Azlan would like to have a BN-led government in the state, which can work well with the federal government.

After the events leading to today’s supposedly State Assembly sitting (or rather standing) as declared by the Speaker (under a tree), the Sultan may have to again decide on whether to dissolve the state assembly or let the appointed MB (Zambry) to continue administering the state. A point to note was that the Speaker had chosen to bar the three assemblypersons as well as Zambry and another 6 BN assemblymen from joining the just convened state assembly. Questions linger on the validity of the State Assembly sitting.

The Sultan must be very angry with the current political developments in Perak. He may have to speak up and decide.

Should the Sultan Azlan Shah decide to dissolve the State assembly and a state-wide election is declared, Pakatan Rakyat will surely wins hands down. PR will use the might of the alternative media to garner extra support. It surely will not be a peaceful state election, with PKR being part of the equation. PKR is known to be trouble maker, with Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim as the king of trouble makers.

If PR then managed to obtain enough majority to form the next state government, they need to decide on the MB.

Jurublog does not think that the Sultan of Perak will any longer wish to see Nizar as Perak MB. Nizar has done much damage on himself towards the Perak royalty. PR will have to look for another person. Ngeh and Nga will surely be out of the equation. A Malay PKR representative would be in order.

The Malay PKR MB will continue to be a puppet for DAP-led Perak state government. In the end, PAS and UMNO will end up as the losers.


Eric said...

Who decides - definitely not you or I.

Yes, he will not be MB of Perak again - he will be the PM of Malaysia!

greenboc said...

i couldn't disagree with u eric. nizar will be the next pm. God willing.