Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Prescene 12 - Razali Ibrahim will be the biggest beneficiary in UMNO Youth Wing

It’s UMNO election time again.

I am not an UMNO member. But I have my own pick of the new UMNO line-up here.

In so far as the UMNO Youth Chief race, I understand that Khir Toyo is leading, with Mukhriz and Khairy trailing in that order.

The Youth Deputy Chief race is a straight fight between Razali Ibrahim, the first term Member of Parliament for Muar, Johor and Reezal Merican, an associate of Khairy.

I feel strongly that Razali Ibrahim has the cut to be a good youth leader, and he will be victorious against Reezal Merican.

In his first year as Muar MP, Razali has shown to be eloquent, charismatic and effective. He spoke on a variety of issues in the Parliament, and was not afraid to debate with the seasoned Parliamentarians from the opposition.

Razali Ibrahim would be my pick as the next generation leader from UMNO.

Razali would be in the best position to be selected into Najib’s new Cabinet.

Khir Toyo is not an MP, and has stated that he would not want any ministerial post should he win the UMNO Youth Chief post. Mukhriz has also indicated that he would concentrate on his duty as the UMNO Youth Chief (should he win), and will not be accepting any government post.

Only Khairy has indicated that he would want a ministerial post for the UMNO Youth Chief. And going by the current sentiment, and by him having been found guilty by the UMNO Disciplinary Council, it is unlikely that Khairy would be part of Najib’s Cabinet.

So, Razali Ibrahim would be well poised to be a Minister soon. He will be a fast rising star in UMNO.

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