Saturday, February 21, 2009

Prescene 9 - Esther will win One In A Million Season 3

I noticed a familiar voting pattern among Malaysian television viewers. Malaysian SMS voters in reality shows tend to vote firstly, based on racial tendencies, and secondly, territorial state.

In the case of Akademi Fantasia, unless the performer is off the mark, it is most likely for Sabahan or Sarawakian to reach the final. And if the performer is a Chinese or a non-Malay, he or she is more likely to be voted favourably.

The same goes to other reality shows such as Malaysian Idol and One In A Million.

Last year, Stacy won Akademi Fantasia. She is from Sabah, and a non-Malay. Same goes to the first AF winner, Vince, another non-Malay performer from that part of Malaysia.

Jac won the first Malaysian Idol hands down because she has a great voice, and she is a non-Malay.

Faisal Tahir, who in my mind was a better performer, lost the inaugural OIAM to Suki, who is a non-Malay. Ayu, a Sabahan beat Shila of Kuala Lumpur in OIAM 2. An exception was Dayang Nurfaizah, a recording artist and a great singer from Sarawak who was voted out in last year's OIAM Season 2. My take was that Dayang received an exceptionally high "vote outs" from the fans of the singer who received "immunity" for the week. (That is how an "immunity" can be sort of manipulated/ used)

I am not saying that those who won are not worthy winners. They are also good performers.

But based on my observations, the non-Malays have the financial upper hand and will gather support to ensure enough votes going for a non-Malay contestant, especially if he or she is competing against a Malay performer. In addition, Sabahans and Sarawakians will gather force during the competition finale to ensure that their representative win against a Peninsula-based performer. And Sabahans and Sarawakians do have the financial muscle to see through enough SMS votes in their favour.

Thus, based on the previous voting patterns, I’ll bet that Esther will go all the way through and win the One In A Million (Season 3) contest, currently airing on 8TV every Friday at 9.30 pm. Esther is a Sabahan, and a non-Malay. She has another clear added advantage: she IS a good singer. If Esther receive immunity for the week, her fans will ensure their votes will be used to "kick out" her potentially close competitor or rival.

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Jurublog said...

Prescene 9 did not materialise. Tomok (Shah Indrawan) won OIAM3 by closely beating Esther. Please see Jurublog’s posting at