Sunday, August 31, 2008

Prescene 4 - Bernas II and Puspakom II

Syed Mokhtar has at least two monopoly businesses: Bernas and Puspakom. Both will be under constant and rigorous attacks.

Khairy and his gang would probably be aiming for rice import APs. This will mean a break of exclusivity given to Bernas. Government may allow creation of Bernas II.

Puspakom has exclusivity in vehicle inspection. MCA would probably be eyeing for equity interest in Puspakom, given that most vehicle workshop owners are Chinese. The recent swoop by ACA on Puspakom may add pressure on Puspakom, especially from MCA-led Transport Ministry. Syed Mokhtar may either have to dispose some equity to the Chinese or be prepared for Puspakom II.

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