Friday, August 29, 2008

Prescene 2 - Anwar and the defectors

Anwar will make full use of his second day as the Opposition Leader to rattle Barisan Nasional's confidence. He will make full use of the live TV telecast for Budget speech and make his presence felt.

Anwar will make a cliffhanger announcement on the impending defections of Barisan's MPs to Pakatan Rakyat. Thus, he will claim that by the time the Parliament is back in session after Ramadhan, Pakatan Rakyat will be in control of the federal government.

Expect some of the probable defection candidates to make statements either attacking the current government or in support of Pakatan. That includes Anifah Aman.

Anwar's aim is to ensure Barisan remains unsettled throughout the adjournment of Parliament.

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