Friday, June 11, 2010

Prescene 20 - World Cup Predictions

Based on the grouping, I believe that England would be in a good position to at least reach the World Cup semi-final. On the other hand, Brazil would have to battle their way through the various stages of the finals.

I predict a mouth-watering final between Brazil and Spain, with Brazil becoming the eventual World Cup Champion again.

Here’s my prediction, and how I am going to track by success rate:-

(1 point for each correct last-16 team, 1 point for correct group winner – 24 points in total)

Uruguay (Winner A) vs Nigeria (Second B) Actual: Uruguay vs South Korea 2pts
England (Winner C) vs Australia (Second D) Actual: United States vs Ghana 1pt
Holland (Winner E) vs Paraguay (Second F) Actual: Holland vs Slovakia 2pts
Brazil (Winner G) vs Chile (Second H) Actual: Brazil vs Chile 3pts
Argentina (Winner B) vs South Africa (Second A) Actual: Argentina vs Mexico 2pts
Germany (Winner D) vs United States (Second C) Actual: Germany vs England 3pts
Italy (Winner F) vs Cameroon (Second E) Actual: Paraguay vs Japan 0pt
Spain (Winner H) vs Portugal (Second G) Actual: Spain vs Portugal 3pts
(Actual: 16 of 24 pts)

(3 points for each correct team – 24 points in total)

Uruguay vs England Actual: Uruguay vs Ghana 3pts
Holland vs Brazil Actual: Holland vs Brazil 6pts
Germany vs Argentina Actual: Germany vs Argentina 6pts
Italy vs Spain Actual: Paraguay vs Spain 3pts
(Actual: 18 of 24 pts)

(6 points for each correct team – 24 points in total)

England vs Brazil Actual: Uruguay vs Holland 0pt
Argentina vs Spain Actual: Germany vs Spain 6pts
(Actual 6 of 24 pts)

(10 points for each correct team – 20 points in total)
Brazil vs Spain Actual: Holland vs Spain 10pts
(Actual: 10 of 20 pts)

(8 points for correct team)

Brazil Actual: Spain 0pt

ACTUAL TOTAL SCORE: 50 of 100 pts

Golden Boot (Top scorer): Fernando Torres (Spain) Actual: Thomas Mueller (Germany) 5 goals with 3 assists
Player of the tournament: Lionel Messi (Argentina) Actual: Diego Forlan (Uruguay)

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