Saturday, April 4, 2009

Prescene 14 - R.A.H.M.A.N. prophecy completed – What’s next?

With the formal appointment of Najib Razak as Malaysia’s Sixth Prime Minister, the RAHMAN prophecy has been fulfilled. The prophecy relates to the names of Malaysian Prime Minister, as follows:-

R – Rahman for Tunku Abdul Rahman, the First PM
A – Abdul Razak for Tun Abdul Razak, the Second PM
H – Hussien for Tun Hussein Onn, the Third PM
M – Mahathir for Tun Mahathir Mohamad, the Fourth PM
A – Abdullah for Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, the Fifth PM
N – Najib for Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib Razak, the Sixth PM

To be fair, the RAHMAN prophecy only started in 1970s, perhaps when Tun Abdul Razak was elected PM, with Hussein Onn elected as his Deputy. The prophecy became more credible when Hussein Onn chose Mahathir as his Deputy.

Mahathir nearly defied the prophecy by chosing Musa Hitam as his Deputy. However, after the M-M team fall-out, Mahathir (or perhaps UMNO) interestingly maintained the prophecy lineage by electing Abdul Ghafar Baba, the Anwar Ibrahim and lastly Abdullah Ahmad Badawi as his successive Deputies.

Mahathir was also arguably instrumental in ensuring that Abdullah Badawi followed the prophecy by claiming that Najib Razak was the best choice to be the DPM, when in fact, Pak Lah has not (then) formally decided on his Deputy!

Now, with the fulfilment of the RAHMAN prophecy, there have been various alternative proposals to be the successor to the initial prophecy, as follows:-

The pro-Khairy prophecy:-
RAZAK (named after the Second PM) – note the K for Khairy at the end

The pro-Mukhriz prophecy
RAHMAN (back to the original lineage) – note H for Hishamuddin and M for Mukhriz
Or RAHIM (in Islam, RAHMAN, followed by RAHIM) – note the M for Mukhriz at the end

The pro-Mahathir with Muhyiddin-Hishamuddin follow-on prophecy
MAHATHIR – note the M for Muhyiddin and the H for Hishamuddin

Of course, those in opposition would say that the end of the RAHMAN prophecy would also mark the end of BN’s rule. Thus they propose the pro-Anwar prophecy
ANWAR – Anwar, Nizar, etc

Perhaps we should also consider that the prophecy was based on the name of the Agong (note that Tuanku Abdul Rahman was our First Agong). Thus we would have:-
MIZAN (our current Agong) – note M for Muhyiddin as a start

The new prophecy may not even be based on the name of prominent person. Assuming Muhyiddin succeeds Najib, M.A.L.A.Y.S.I.A. would also be probable.

I suppose the RAHMAN prophecy was another self-fulfilling co-incidence. But it would not stop another round of self-fulfilling co-incidence to emerge.

The probable successor to the RAHMAN prophecy would only legitimately surfaces when we have our Eighth Prime Minister.

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